Cosonic Headset CD-720MV
Price: 360 BDT

Cosonic Headset CD-720MV

Flexible steel-bar headband, beneath which is bendable cement sheath, chafe well High breathe-freely ear cap, afterwards action airless for accomplished wearing 40mm abundant bass coil-moving loudhailer, Nd-magnetism speaker, abundant bass complete surging and pithiness Tensile braided wire, chafe well
Speaker impedance
32 and #937; and #177;15 percent
Speaker sensitivity
95 and #177;3dB
Speaker affluence response
20Hz to 20KHz
Maximum ability input
Microphone impedance
2.2K and #937
Microphone sensitivity
-58 and #177;2dB
Microphone affluence response
30Hz to 16KHz
Cord length
2.2 meters